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2024/03/28   Texas’ migrant arrest law will remain on hold under new court ruling
2024/03/18   A Supreme Court ruling in a social media case could set standards
2024/03/05   Supreme Court restores Trump to ballot, rejecting state attempts to ban him
2023/11/26   Six teens in court in connection with beheading of French teacher
2023/11/16   Russian court fines Google for failing to store personal data on its users
2023/11/10   Robert De Niro’s company ordered to pay ex-assistant $1.2 million
2023/11/06   Donald Trump testifies in civil fraud trial. Follow the latest updates
2023/10/27   Sen. Menendez enters not guilty plea to a new conspiracy charge
2023/10/20   Federal Judge rules California assault weapons ban unconstitutional
2023/10/10   Biden’s second try at student loan cancellation moves forward with debate
2023/09/26   Writers’ union reaches tentative deal with Hollywood studios to end strike
2023/09/19   Hunter Biden sues the IRS over tax disclosures after agent testimony
2023/09/12   McCarthy juggles a government shutdown and a Biden impeachment inquiry
2023/09/08   Kavanaugh predicts ‘concrete steps soon’ to address ethics concerns
2023/08/14   Opponents of Maine’s new abortion law won’t seek to nullify it
2023/07/31   Musk threatens to sue researchers who documented the rise in hateful tweets
2023/07/27   Trump’s Lawyers Meet With Prosecutors as Election Interference Charges Loom
2023/07/20   White House is taking on corporate mergers, landlord junk fees
2023/06/19   Judge weighs Missouri GOP dispute over estimated cost of allowing abortions
2023/04/20   Appeals court halts House interview with ex-Trump prosecutor
2023/03/06   North Carolina Supreme Court to revisit school funding
2022/09/23   Arizonan sentenced for Vegas-based scheme targeting migrants
2022/09/08   Utah-based company wins auction to buy Jay Peak in Vermont
2022/08/29   Pa. man who attacked police on Jan. 6 gets 46-month sentence
2022/08/23   Judge rules teen was justified in shooting assailant 7 times
2022/08/07   Probation for woman who wiped up blood after killing spouse
2022/07/01   Court denies request for emergency halt to Ohio abortion ban
2022/06/07   Wisconsin Supreme Court says COVID records can be released
2022/04/10   2nd defendant pleads guilty in 2018 hate crime in Washington
2022/02/14   Democrats sue to overturn new Kansas congressional districts
2022/02/07   Suits target New Orleans virus rules, some affect Mardi Gras
2021/12/16   Anchorage wins lawsuit over failed port construction
2021/11/16   Washington seeks over $38 billion from opioid distributors
2021/11/08   International Criminal Court to probe abuses in Venezuela
2021/10/26   Cambodia amends charter to bar dual citizens from top office
2021/09/08   Supreme Court hanging up phone, back to in-person arguments
2021/08/29   Maryland’s highest court reviewing teen sniper’s life term
2021/04/27   Court to hear appeal of Dallas officer who killed neighbor
2021/04/08   NYC corruption case prompts dismissal of 90 drug convictions
2021/02/10   Polish court rules record compensation for wrongful jailing
2021/02/01   More protests called in Moscow to demand Navalny’s release
2020/12/05   Judge Calls Trump Request in Wisconsin Lawsuit 'Bizarre'
2020/11/29   Pennsylvania high court rejects lawsuit challenging election
2020/11/25   Biden win over Trump in Nevada made official by court
2020/11/23   Our Firm Covers Bankruptcy in the Wake of COVID-19
2020/11/02   Legal armies ready if cloudy election outcome heads to court
2020/09/21   High court front-runner hailed by right, feared by left
2020/05/03   Wisconsin court sets argument date for stay-at-home lawsuit
2020/04/26   Supreme Court sides with government in immigration case
2020/04/16   Hawaii Judiciary postpones state court trials amid pandemic
2020/04/09   Wisconsin’s pandemic election puts focus on state’s court
2020/03/22   Texas court delays 2nd execution due to virus outbreak
2020/02/16   Court ‘deeply troubled’ by woman’s jailing over unpaid fines
2020/01/26   Supreme Court allows enforcement of new green card rule
2020/01/20   Supreme Court rejects fast-track review of health care suit
2019/12/24   Saudis sentence 5 people to death for Khashoggi’s killing
2019/12/18   Protests of Indian law grow despite efforts to contain them
2019/12/14   Court Will Hear Trump's Pleas to Keep Financial Records Private
2019/11/25   Lawmakers asked to boost spending on New Mexico court system
2019/11/17   Challenger accuses Supreme Court’s Kelly of corruption
2019/10/27   Court to hear arguments on Maryland political ads law
2019/10/11   Analysis: Louisiana figures in 2 major Supreme Court cases
2019/10/03   The Latest: Ex-addict says Dallas cop helped her get sober
2019/09/16   Buffalo Chip takes quest to become town before Supreme Court
2019/09/10   Cock-a-doodle-doo! French rooster crows over court win
2019/09/03   Activist loses UK court case on police facial recognition
2019/08/07   Appeal in John Steinbeck lawsuit heard in court
2019/07/28   Democratic governor getting to shape Kansas' top court
2019/07/15   Dutch court needs more time to rule on Crimean treasures
2019/06/14   Brazil's supreme court votes to make homophobia a crime
2019/06/09   Supreme Court sides with Alabama company in patent dispute
2019/05/16   Feds: US Supreme Court should turn down 'Bridgegate' appeal
2019/05/09   Supreme Court allows consumers antitrust suit against Apple
2019/04/29   Slovak court rejects to ban parliamentary far right party
2019/04/23   Ohio top court to hear arguments in TV news defamation case
2019/04/22   Myanmar court rejects appeal of jailed Reuters reporters
2019/03/05   Supreme Court seems inclined to retain cross on public land
2019/02/16   Ex-West Virginia Supreme Court justice set for sentencing
2019/02/12   Supreme Court blocks Louisiana abortion clinic law
2019/01/19   Court: No new offshore drilling work during federal shutdown
2019/01/16   US presses ahead with border wall in court despite shutdown
2019/01/12   Court: State, governor can't be sued over public defenders
2019/01/11   EU top court adviser: Google can limit right to be forgotten
2018/12/19   Uber loses UK case on worker rights, expected to appeal
2018/12/07   Indian court orders Briton held during copter bribery probe
2018/10/19   Court orders some fixes in Texas foster care
2018/10/05   Cemetery case puts property rights issue before high court
2018/10/01   US Supreme Court declines to hear Drew Peterson's appeal
2018/09/20   Arkansas court hears challenge over reworked voter ID law
2018/09/05   Louisiana Supreme Court upholds life sentence in beating
2018/08/29   Iran goes to UN's highest court over re-imposed US sanctions
2018/08/22   Sen. Collins, potential swing vote, meets with Kavanaugh
2018/08/17   Lawyers will seek to shift blame for warehouse fire at trial
2018/08/15   Ugandan pop star, a government critic, faces military court
2018/08/13   Zimbabwe's opposition challenges election results in court
2018/08/08   Myanmar snubs Hague court's intervention in Rohingya crisis
2018/08/01   Iowa woman promoted to nation's lone all-male Supreme Court
2018/07/30   Court: Mud buggy race operators weren't negligent in crash
2018/07/10   Trump enjoys 'suspense' ahead of Supreme Court announcement
2018/07/08   Pennsylvania court to hear objections to church abuse report
2018/07/07   1-year-old goes to court to get reunited with family
2018/07/03   California high court: Yelp can't be ordered to remove posts
2018/07/02   For new Supreme Court justice, a host of big issues awaits
2018/06/30   Supreme Court adopts new rules for cell phone tracking
2018/06/25   Yankton lawyer Jason Ravnsborg wins GOP attorney general nod
2018/06/19   Palin's son moves to court program after assaulting father
2018/06/10   Egypt refers 28 to criminal court for forming illegal group
2018/06/07   Romania: Court tells president to fire anti-graft prosecutor
2018/04/23   Court won't reconsider making public family slain autopsies
2018/04/22   Court weighs punishment for judge for courthouse affair
2018/04/14   Michigan Democrats back Nessel for state attorney general
2018/04/09   North Carolina court allows case against dance instructors
2018/03/26   Stephen Reinhardt, liberal circuit court judge, dies at 87
2018/03/22   Randle, an enforcer on the court, is a gentle giant elsewhere
2018/03/18   Supreme Court takes up challenge by crisis pregnancy centers
2018/03/09   TransCanada doesn't have to pay landowner attorneys
2018/03/06   Court: Nike logo of Michael Jordan didn't violate copyright
2018/03/02   High court: Held immigrants can't get periodic bond hearings
2018/02/17   GOP to take new congressional map to court
2018/02/16   Afghans submitted 1.17 million war crimes claims to court
2018/02/15   City, landowner appeal Supreme Court's Buffalo Chip ruling
2018/02/13   Beleaguered gunmaker Remington points to bankruptcy court
2018/02/10   Kushner firm seeks court change to keep partners secret
2018/02/01   Nassar to face another sentence, victims in return to court
2018/01/27   Judge to pick battlefield for court fight over Manson's body
2018/01/11   Doctor charged in wife's death moved after threat to him
2018/01/06   North Carolina's altered legislative districts back in court
2017/12/09   UN court hears appeal in Serbian lawmaker's acquittal
2017/12/03   Court reverses itself and restores woman's murder conviction
2017/11/21   The Latest: Senate panel approves tax overhaul bill
2017/11/07   Human rights group accuses Guatemalan courts of delays
2017/10/25   Court gives government a win in young immigrants' cases
2017/10/18   Court weighing whether graffiti mecca was protected by law
2017/10/14   Oregon Supreme Court denies request for information release
2017/10/06   Indiana courts see changes with new e-filing system
2017/09/24   Elliott's fast start fades with Cowboys as court looms again
2017/09/20   Egypt court orders detention of 24 minority Nubians 15 days
2017/09/08   Abortion clinic dispute to be argued in Ohio Supreme Court
2017/09/06   EU court rejects Hungary, Slovakia appeal in refugee case
2017/09/04   Military parts dealer guilty in plot to steal Army equipment
2017/09/02   Indiana appeals court rules in transgender birth certificate case
2017/08/24   South Korean court sentences Samsung heir to 5 years prison
2017/08/19   Kentucky governor, attorney general clash before high court
2017/08/18   Maryland removes Dred Scott ruling author's statue
2017/06/14   Groups sue seeking court oversight of Chicago police reforms
2017/06/08   Court: Neighbors can sue pot grower for stinky smells
2017/06/05   High court limits seizure of assets from drug conspiracies
2017/05/11   Appeal in boy's burp arrest case relies on Gorsuch dissent
2017/05/04   Top Kansas Court to Revisit Death Penalty in Wichita Murders
2017/05/02   Trump 'absolutely' considered breaking up 9th Circuit Court
2017/05/01   4th Arkansas inmate executed in 8 days lurches on gurney
2017/04/26   Judge W. Brent Powell Appointed to Missouri Supreme Court
2017/04/11   Court: Banned Dartmouth fraternity can't live in house
2017/04/09   Dems elevate attacks as Supreme Court showdown nears
2017/04/08   West Virginia Supreme Court chief justice gets 4-year term
2017/03/28   Nicaragua high court denies farmers' appeal of canal project
2017/02/22   Court: Missouri not required to name execution drug's source
2017/02/10   Partisan struggle over NC governor's authority back in court
2017/01/25   Greek court rejects extradition for Turkish servicemen
2017/01/23   Top court reviews free speech case of man's anti-police rap
2017/01/21   Ethics measure backers ask high court to let them join case
2017/01/17   Aaron Hernandez expected in court as murder trial nears
2016/12/11   Man who fired shots in DC pizza parlor expected in court
2016/11/21   Election judge pleads not guilty in absentee ballot case
2016/11/03   Kansas high court justices defend handling of capital cases
2016/10/13   Court fight over Ohio executions likely to focus on sedative
2016/10/04   Oklahoma Supreme Court invalidates law restricting abortion
2016/10/04   Appeals court upholds order against Pence on Syrian refugees
2016/09/23   California Supreme Court to consider suit over Yelp review
2016/09/20   Court rules man treated for mental illness can have a gun
2016/08/26   Judge in Stanford swimmer case switching to civil court
2016/08/11   Egyptian lawyer, journalist released after prison sentence
2016/07/24   Monitor chosen to oversee Ferguson's police, court reforms
2016/06/26   Court rules against White House science office in email case
2016/06/07   High court rejects Google's appeal in class action lawsuit
2016/05/31   Egypt military court sentences 8 to death
2016/05/11   Planned Parenthood shooting defendant returning to court
2016/04/23   Federal lawyer gets 30 days for forging document
2016/03/19   White S.C. trooper pleads guilty in shooting of unarmed black man
2016/01/17   Judge approves tea party group's lawsuit against IRS
2015/10/19   Federal court programs aim to keep defendants out of prison
2015/10/10   Arkansas court tosses conviction in woman's meth case
2015/10/07   Cleveland appeals 'jock tax' ruling to US Supreme Court
2015/10/04   High court weighs 3 death sentences in Kansas cases
2015/09/22   Court suspends Pennsylvania attorney general's law license
2015/09/18   Appeals court upholds injunction halting health mandate
2015/09/16   Charleston church suspect's friend charged with lying to FBI
2015/09/02   Alaska Supreme Court won't block Medicaid expansion
2015/08/19   Appeals court won't reinstate 1990 arson-murder conviction
2015/08/04   Texas attorney general accused of lying to investors
2015/07/21   Court suspends ex-Chad dictator trial to ready new lawyers
2015/06/23   Supreme Court Voids Routine Police Check Of Hotel Registries
2015/06/22   Man pleads guilty to charge over noose on Ole Miss statue
2015/06/05   Another Arizona immigration law dismantled by the courts
2015/06/03   Appeals court: Apple must submit to imposition of monitor
2015/03/31   Court rejects Duncan's death sentence appeal
2015/03/23   Battle flag at center of Supreme Court free speech case
2014/12/04   Egyptian court sentences 188 people to death
2014/11/05   Court seems to favor fired whistleblower
2014/10/03   Court hearing on Natchez hospital bankruptcy
2014/07/22   German court: chronically ill could grow marijuana
2014/07/08   Fla. man pleads guilty to rhino horn trafficking
2014/06/17   Iowa high court reinstates major pollution lawsuit
2014/06/13   Court: No blanket exemption for police dashcams
2014/06/10   High court won't hear California's prison appeal
2014/06/06   Top court rejects bail plea of Indian tycoon
2014/05/27   State court allows 'pink slime' lawsuit to proce
2014/05/20   Appeals court won't rehear BP settlement issue
2014/05/09   Investors to Supreme Court: Deny Argentine do-over
2014/05/05   Casino law hinges on Massachusetts high court case
2014/04/25   High court rejects appeal on sex-offender rules
2014/04/15   Court Rejects Holocaust-Denying Bishop's Appeal
2014/04/03   Court: Private email exempt from open records law
2014/04/01   Supreme Court Refuses To Overturn Arizona Marijuana Ruling
2014/03/28   Court seems likely to block Secret Service case
2014/03/24   Egypt court sentences 528 Morsi supporters to death
2014/03/17   Court: Tenn. Must Recognize 3 Same-Sex Marriages
2014/03/07   Two men found guilty for selling U.S. company’s technology
2014/02/28   State high court assigns liability in liquor cases
2014/02/24   Court: Spain can extradite Liberty Reserve founder
2014/02/20   Fight over gay marriage moving to federal courts
2014/02/13   Nevada Officials Won't Defend Gay Marriage Ban
2014/02/06   Australian court rules ANZ Bank late fees too high
2014/01/27   Lawmakers push back against Washington high court
2014/01/24   Minn. Supreme Court dismisses Vikings stadium suit
2014/01/24   Immigration
2014/01/20   Italian court hears final rebuttals in Knox trial
2014/01/13   OJ Simpson appeal to Nevada court due in April
2014/01/06   Court grants law license to man in US illegally
2014/01/02   Court order needed to stop Pa. center utilities
2013/12/30   Supreme Court denies appeal in arson case
2013/12/23   Gay couples wed in Utah after judge overturns ban
2013/12/16   Court won't hear appeal over news release
2013/12/12   Court: Exec guilty over faulty French implants
2013/12/09   Dutch Supreme Court: Fortis was mismanaged
2013/12/05   Supreme Court won't stop NY's Internet taxation
2013/11/11   N. Ind. court helps veterans get back on track
2013/10/29   Ride operator appears in court on NC fair injuries
2013/09/23   Lawyer: Performer Harris to deny UK sex charges
2013/08/21   Appeals court affirms AWOL soldier's life sentence
2013/07/09   NJ court overturns award for view lost to dune
2013/05/23   IMF head Lagarde in court in fraud probe
2013/03/11   Former Chicago Bear pleads guilty to tax charges
2013/02/23   Bin Laden's son-in-law: Pleads not guilty in NY
2013/01/19   High court to hear appeal in case of jilted woman
2012/12/10   Lawyer questions handling of terror suspect
2012/10/08   High court asked to throw out oil refinery permit
2012/09/20   Court dismisses investor lawsuits against Porsche
2012/09/05   NY court protects French shoemaker's red soles
2012/08/15   Judge won't halt Pa. voter identification law
2012/02/13   Federal court rules for Ohio festival free speech
2012/02/13   The Shuman Law Firm Announces Class Action
2012/01/24   NJ gov picks gay black man, Asian for top court
2012/01/05   Court hearings resume in Jefferson bankruptcy case
2012/01/04   Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP Announces Class Action Lawsuit
2011/12/22   Pa.'s rhyming justice pens insurance fraud opinion
2011/12/21   Court backs stripping Chinese tire import duties
2011/12/13   Mass. court OKs release of Bishop inquest report
2011/12/13   Washington Mutual agrees to settlement
2011/11/29   Thomas, Kagan asked to sit out health care case
2011/11/28   Court will decide question on crack sentencing
2011/11/14   Company pleads guilty to dumping wastewater in Harvey Canal
2011/11/13   Fifth guilty plea entered in Philly abortion case
2011/11/10   Ala. county files for largest municipal bankruptcy
2011/11/09   Federal court rejects Texas redistricting maps
2011/11/07   NY investment firm among owners of Maine casino
2011/11/04   Ex-owner of Pa. youth lockups gets 18 months
2011/11/03   Appeals panel sides with CBS over Super Bowl fine
2011/11/01   Scandal-plagued former Bell official sues city
2011/11/01   SF court to hear appeal by Tucson rampage suspect
2011/10/31   High court avoids dispute over highway crosses
2011/10/31   Alabama immigration fight recalls civil rights era
2011/10/24   GOP candidates would cut federal judges' power
2011/10/17   Court blocks Ala. from checking student status
2011/10/15   High court to rule on Stolen Valor Act
2011/10/10   Court won't hear appeal from Alamo followers
2011/10/04   Fannie Mae ignored misconduct
2011/09/27   High court to decide lawyer immunity question
2011/09/26   Lawyers seek to stop Loughner's forced medication
2011/09/20   Court halts Texas execution of ex-Army recruiter
2011/09/19   Iowa hiring lawsuit begins Monday
2011/09/09   Court: Samsung can't sell tablet in Germany
2011/09/07   Wal-Mart Uses Class Action Against Netflix
2011/09/04   Court convicts Serb general for Balkan atrocities
2011/09/01   Group seeks appellate action on gays in military
2011/08/30   Court to hear appeal over medicating Loughner
2011/08/26   Del. pediatrician gets life for abusing patients
2011/08/25   Law Offices of Howard G. Smith Announces Class Action
2011/08/22   Court rules Ventas may immediately collect $102M
2011/08/18   NY court rejects $18M class action writers deal
2011/08/18   Former CEO guilty in 'Ponzi' scheme
2011/08/17   EPA settles with owners of Mass. chemical plant
2011/08/14   Serbia seeks to block execution of citizen in Nev.
2011/08/09   Bank of America starts overdraft rebate outreach
2011/07/28   Immigrants Sue Alabama Over Immigration Law
2011/07/25   Iowa insurers get more time on new health law
2011/07/20   Paralegal accused of stealing from law firm
2011/07/11   Ex-law firm office manager sentenced for theft
2011/07/07   Lawyer sentenced in insider trading scheme in NYC
2011/07/04   Former Wyoming governor joins law firm
2011/06/28   J&J recalls more Tylenol Extra Strength pills
2011/06/27   Wis. Gov: Supreme Court needs to resolve discord
2011/06/27   Los Angeles Dodgers file for bankruptcy
2011/06/20   Chandler steps down as head of Del. Chancery Court
2011/06/20   Miss. court tosses exploitation conviction
2011/06/13   2 ex-judges, lawyer back to prison in Miss scheme
2011/06/10   Ohio judge says Ford must pay dealers $2B
2011/06/06   Loughner lawyer says she can't provide discovery
2011/05/30   Court refuses to reconsider Spector's appeal
2011/05/28   Appeals court reinstates charges against Worley
2011/05/20   High court backs cuts in Calif. prison population
2011/05/17   Court lets Minn. corporate disclosure law stand
2011/05/12   Denver appeals court weighs military impostor law
2011/05/10   Speaker Boehner: Tax hikes are 'off the table'
2011/05/09   California teachers call for week of budget protests
2011/05/06   Court for Fla. woman charged in husband's NY death
2011/05/05   LA lawsuit claims Deutsche Bank is 'slumlord'
2011/05/01   Supreme Court to hear another arbitration argument
2011/04/17   High court takes no action on Va. health care case
2011/04/16   Court turns down appeal in murder plot case
2011/04/10   Wis. public court record access may be threatened
2011/04/09   Lawyers for NFL, players talk mediation with judge
2011/04/08   Immigration court: Troubled system, long waits
2011/03/11   Mississippi high court upholds price-gouging law
2011/03/04   Fla. high court: Governor can reject rail funding
2011/02/18   Fla. Ruling Big Tobacco Won Comes Back To Bite It
2011/02/10   FDIC sues law firm over Ga. bank failure
2011/02/10   Murdoch firm to pay Insignia $125 million
2011/02/03   Judge raises questions about Voting Rights Act
2011/01/31   Lawyer tapes casino king asking that suit proceed
2011/01/18   Court rejects appeal over DC gay marriage law
2011/01/16   Menzer & Hill, P.A. Files a $1.5 Million Whistleblower Claim Against Raymond James & Associates, Inc.
2011/01/13   Hearing set for Black as he bids to remain free
2011/01/13   NJ Supreme Court Justice limits protest
2010/12/19   Arizona, Nevada sue BofA over loan modifications
2010/12/15   Federal court in Ohio says upholds e-mails privacy
2010/12/03   The Securities Law Firm of Menzer & Hill, P.A., Files an Arbitration Claim
2010/11/28   Class action lawsuit against United Water could cost millions
2010/10/07   Lawyers compete for big payoff, control in BP case
2010/09/22   Fraudulent Practices in the Sale of Indexed Annuities
2010/09/15   Judge calls for clarity in Michigan's medical marijuana law
2010/09/07   Lustful Court residents tire of sinful street name
2010/08/23   Shapiro & Fishman accuses McCollum of grandstanding
2010/08/09   BP Class Action Lawsuit Filed Over Release of Benzene
2010/08/09   Nun's death rallies anti-immigration forces
2010/07/27   N.J. gay-marriage case must begin in lower court
2010/07/20   Goldman profit slides on SEC charge, revenue drops
2010/07/12   Chicago's tough new gun ordinance goes into effect
2010/07/12   Treasury: 4.5M hires qualify for new tax break
2010/05/24   Kagan's writings suggest her view on judge's role
2010/05/24   Jury convicts man in NJ schoolyard triple slayings
2010/05/10   Kagan Sided With Investors in Two Notable Securities Cases
2010/05/03   US women due in court in Philly in terrorism case
2010/05/02   Florida Probing Law Firm in Foreclosures
2010/04/28   Put an age limit on Supreme Court justices‎
2010/04/12   Beach, Chesapeake pay $9 million for outside legal help
2010/01/12   Law firm to represent EPS in suit
2009/12/23   Balloon boy dad gets jail time, strict probation
2009/12/22   Ind. attorney general sues lumber recycling plant
2009/10/12   Zain sees no risk from Econet's lawsuit
2009/10/02   Bondholders committee, board OK CIT restructuring
2009/08/21   Healthcare Expert Ken Yood Joins Sheppard Mullin
2009/08/18   Weil Poised To Pass $100 Million Mark In Lehman Bankruptcy Fees
2009/08/17   Jones Day Lawyers Named To Northern California Super Lawyers & Rising Stars Lists
2009/08/14   Baker & McKenzie's Profits Fall 17 Percent
2009/08/13   Wilson Sonsini Names New CEO
2009/08/04   White & Case Advises On Tender Offer And Consent Solicitation By SRE Group
2009/08/02   Mt. Pleasant Woman Sentenced In DUI Fatality Case
2009/08/02   New High-End Chocolatier Looks Past Economy
2009/08/02   You Can Handle A Medicare Audit
2009/08/01   Wrong-way Driver In NY Crash Was Drunk
2009/07/31   Investigators: Law Firm Lied For Foreign Workers
2009/07/30   Three Firms Advise On Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal
2009/07/29   Holland & Knight Cuts Compensation
2009/07/24   NY AG Sues 35 Law Firms Over Collections
2009/07/23   Huge Corruption Sweep In New Jersey
2009/07/22   NY, NJ Immigration Raids Violated Rights
2009/07/21   Enemies Unite Against Software Regulation
2009/07/20   Anti-separatist Laws Promoted In China
2009/07/17   Environment Groups Sue To Protect MT Monument
2009/07/10   PA Club Accused Of Discrimination
2009/06/20   Gay Marriage Battle In Maine
2009/06/17   Levi & Korsinsky Announce Class Action
2009/05/15   Former Sen. Stevens paid lawyers at least $1M
2009/04/23   Discrimination claim appears to divide high court
2009/04/12   Man jailed for dodging child support for 14 kids
2009/02/12   Barnhill & Vayernov Investigating Insight Enterprises, Inc.
2009/01/28   KBR & Halliburton Accused in Class Action
2009/01/27   Testing firm sues NYC to lift license suspensions
2009/01/05   John Q. Kelly on Natalee Holloway Case - Fox News
2008/12/29   Corruption crisis creates confusion in Illinois
2008/12/26   Germany vs Italy in World Court over WWII claims
2008/12/26   Prosecutors to court: Get on with Jefferson trial
2008/12/20   Conservatives win court case in Va. church dispute
2008/12/19   Mass. court reprimands judge libeled by newspaper
2008/12/16   Court raises hopes of Hanford radiation plaintiffs
2008/12/15   Court allows lawsuits over 'light' cigarettes
2008/12/14   List of potential victims grows in NY fraud case
2008/12/13   Insurer's asbestos-related lawsuits at high court
2008/12/03   Victim's kin file suit in Wal-Mart stampede death
2008/12/02   Colo. man charged with libel over Craigslist posts
2008/12/01   US court: Parents cannot sue to enforce 'No Child'
2008/11/26   Jury convicts mom of lesser charges in online hoax
2008/11/06   Voters' word may not be last in Minn. Senate race
2008/10/30   Alaska Sen. Stevens can still vote, despite felony
2008/10/29   Corruption trial begins for 'America's sheriff'
2008/10/03   Bailout bill gains momentum on House floor
2008/09/23   EPA Must Set Pollution Standards for Builders
2008/09/22   Psychologist group bars participation in interrogations
2008/09/19   O.J. Team Says Cops Were Out To Get Him
2008/09/18   FBI anticipates review of anthrax investigation
2008/09/17   ERISA Class Action Demands Zell's Ouster From Tribune
2008/09/16   Court OKs Suit in Death of Drunk Teen Left in Pickup
2008/09/12   O.J. Will Face All-White Jury
2008/09/10   Firm Can't Sue Enron Again, 5th Circuit Says
2008/09/04   Alabama Sues Banks In $3.2 Billion Bond Fiasco
2008/08/29   Church to defy federal ruling upholding funeral protests ban
2008/08/26   US soldier sentenced for desertion
2008/08/25   Gay marriage foes mobilize for ban in California
2008/08/22   Russian oil tycoon's parole bid rejected
2008/08/07   Federal judge unseals FBI anthrax investigation documents
2008/08/04   'Mini Me' Sues Ex-Girlfriend Over Sex Tape
2008/08/04   Railroad Denies Liability for Smuggled Drugs
2008/07/31   Mercedes-Benz Sues Hybrid Battery Supplier
2008/07/30   Alaska Senator Charged with Corruption
2008/07/24   Kuwaiti Diplomat Accused Of Enslaving Maid In D.C.
2008/07/23   Sotheby's Won't Return Renaissance Painting
2008/07/21   Calif. Court Orders New Headwaters Logging Plan
2008/07/17   Feds Say Retiree Was Nazi SS Guard
2008/07/15   Dallas Schools Accused Of Racist Policy
2008/07/11   Anti-Smoking Drug Induces Violent Psychosis, Patient Claims
2008/07/10   Federal court orders hearing on mental retardation claim
2008/07/07   Ruling Limits Courts' Role In Environmental Review
2008/07/01   DOJ seeks names of Swiss bank clients
2008/06/30   7th Circuit Decertifies Class Of Immigrants
2008/06/27   U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down DC Restriction on Guns
2008/06/26   Supreme Court rules Americans have a right to own guns
2008/06/25   Officer Isn't Immune For Cheap Shot To Fellow Cop
2008/06/24   Legal help too slow in Texas arrest, high court says
2008/06/23   Court rejects case on fast track for border fence
2008/06/18   Former Milberg Weiss Partner Sues
2008/06/13   Subscription Bill for $11.83 Brings $5 Million Award
2008/06/03   Class Claims 'QuickPick' Bets Didn't List Last Horse
2008/05/30   Louisville Slugger Crippled Little Leaguer
2008/05/27   Democrats Sue Georgia Over Photo Voter Law
2008/05/22   Houston Wins Ruling In Face Off With Phone Co.
2008/05/21   'Boy Band' Creator Gets 25 Years
2008/05/20   Supreme Court will not hear appeal of Nazi guard
2008/05/19   Suzuki Scammed Them, 19 Customers Say
2008/05/16   Missouri Mom Charged In 'Cyber Bullying' Suicide
2008/05/13   Widow Says Hamster Virus Killed Husband
2008/05/12   Theft Of $1 Million In Comics Followed By Death Threat
2008/05/09   Arapaho Man Who Killed Bald Eagle Loses Ruling
2008/05/05   Forest Service May Redact Identities In Fire Report
2008/05/01   Author Of 'The River Why' Sues To Stop Film
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2008/04/17   Fed. judge declares 2nd mistrial in terror case
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2008/03/14   Lake Stevens to halt drug testing after court ruling
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2008/03/05   US Judge Awards $37M in Peru Massacre
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2008/03/05   Teen Appealing Web Blog Free Speech Decision
2008/03/03   Law firm sues 'Juiced' publisher Judith Regan
2008/03/03   U.S. court rules against Bayer's Yasmin patent
2008/03/03   Canada-U.S. lumber spat gets split court ruling
2008/03/02   Filing Shines Light On Expert-Witness Payments
2008/02/28   U.S. court orders Black to prison on Monday
2008/02/27   US appeals court rejects California ship emission rules
2008/02/20   US court rules for Medtronic, bars some state suits
2008/02/19   Top US court rejects spying case

Texas’ migrant arrest law will remain on hold under new court ruling
Headline Legal News | 2024/03/28 12:26
Texas’ plans to arrest migrants suspected of illegally entering the U.S. will remain on hold under a federal appeals court order that likely prevents enforcement of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s new immigration law until a broader decision on whether it is legal.

The 2-1 ruling late Tuesday is the second time a three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has put a temporary hold on the the Texas law. It follows a confusing few hours last week the Supreme Court allowed the law to take effect, setting off anger and anticipation along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The same panel of appeals judges will hear arguments on the law next week.

“I think what we can draw from this, from the chaos that this has been are several conclusions,” said Lisa Graybill, vice president of law and policy at the National Immigration Law Center. “One is that this is clearly a controversial law. Two is that the politics of the justices on the bench are very clearly playing out in their rulings.”

Texas authorities announced no arrests made under the law during that short window on March 19 before the appellate panel stepped in and blocked it.

In Tuesday’s order, Chief Judge Priscilla Richman cited a 2012 Supreme Court decision that struck down portions of a strict Arizona immigration law, including arrest power. The Texas law is considered by opponents to be the most dramatic attempt by a state to police immigration since that Arizona law.

“For nearly 150 years, the Supreme Court has held that the power to control immigration — the entry, admission, and removal of noncitizens — is exclusively a federal power,” wrote Richman, an appointee of Republican President George W. Bush.

The Justice Department has argued that Texas’ law is a clear violation of federal authority and would create chaos at the border. Texas has argued that President Joe Biden’s administration isn’t doing enough to control the border and that the state has a right to take action.

The Texas law, Richman wrote, “creates separate, distinct state criminal offenses and related procedures regarding unauthorized entry of noncitizens into Texas from outside the country and their removal.”

She was joined in the opinion by Judge Irma Carrillo Ramirez, a Biden appointee.

Judge Andrew Oldham, an appointee of former President Donald Trump and a former aide to Abbott, dissented from the majority decision.

A Supreme Court ruling in a social media case could set standards
Headline Legal News | 2024/03/18 17:03
In a busy term that could set standards for free speech in the digital age, the Supreme Court on Monday is taking up a dispute between Republican-led states and the Biden administration over how far the federal government can go to combat controversial social media posts on topics including COVID-19 and election security.

The justices are hearing arguments in a lawsuit filed by Louisiana, Missouri and other parties accusing officials in the Democratic administration of leaning on the social media platforms to unconstitutionally squelch conservative points of view. Lower courts have sided with the states, but the Supreme Court blocked those rulings while it considers the issue.

The high court is in the midst of a term heavy with social media issues. On Friday, the court laid out standards for when public officials can block their social media followers. Less than a month ago, the court heard arguments over Republican-passed laws in Florida and Texas that prohibit large social media companies from taking down posts because of the views they express.

The cases over state laws and the one being argued Monday are variations on the same theme, complaints that the platforms are censoring conservative viewpoints. The states argue that White House communications staffers, the surgeon general, the FBI and the U.S. cybersecurity agency are among those who coerced changes in online content on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and other media platforms.

“It’s a very, very threatening thing when the federal government uses the power and authority of the government to block people from exercising their freedom of speech,” Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill said in a video her office posted online.

The administration responds that none of the actions the states complain about come close to problematic coercion. The states “still have not identified any instance in which any government official sought to coerce a platform’s editorial decisions with a threat of adverse government action,” wrote Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, the administration’s top Supreme Court lawyer. Prelogar wrote that states also can’t “point to any evidence that the government ever imposed any sanction when the platforms declined to moderate content the government had flagged — as routinely occurred.”

The companies themselves are not involved in the case.

Free speech advocates say the court should use the case to draw an appropriate line between the government’s acceptable use of the bully pulpit and coercive threats to free speech.

Supreme Court restores Trump to ballot, rejecting state attempts to ban him
Headline Legal News | 2024/03/05 12:37
The Supreme Court on Monday unanimously restored Donald Trump to 2024 presidential primary ballots, rejecting state attempts to ban the Republican former president over the Capitol riot.

The justices ruled a day before the Super Tuesday primaries that states cannot invoke a post-Civil War constitutional provision to keep presidential candidates from appearing on ballots. That power resides with Congress, the court wrote in an unsigned opinion.

Trump posted on his social media network shortly after the decision was released: “BIG WIN FOR AMERICA!!!”

The outcome ends efforts in Colorado, Illinois, Maine and elsewhere to kick Trump, the front-runner for his party’s nomination, off the ballot because of his attempts to undo his loss in the 2020 election to Democrat Joe Biden, culminating in the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

The justices sidestepped the politically fraught issue of insurrection in their opinions Monday.

The court held that states may bar candidates from state office. “But States have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section 3 with respect to federal offices, especially the Presidency,” the court wrote.

While all nine justices agreed that Trump should be on the ballot, there was sharp disagreement from the three liberal members of the court and a milder disagreement from conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett that their colleagues went too far in determining what Congress must do to disqualify someone from federal office.

Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan and Ketanji Brown Jackson said they agreed that allowing the Colorado decision to stand could create a “chaotic state by state patchwork” but said they disagreed with the majority’s finding a disqualification for insurrection can only happen when Congress enacts legislation. “Today, the majority goes beyond the necessities of this case to limit how Section 3 can bar an oathbreaking insurrectionist from becoming President,” the three justices wrote in a joint opinion.

It’s unclear whether the ruling leaves open the possibility that Congress could refuse to certify the election of Trump or any other presidential candidate it sees as having violated Section 3.

Derek Muller, a law professor at Notre Dame University, said “it seems no,” noting that the liberals complained that the majority ruling forecloses any other ways for Congress to enforce the provision. Rick Hasen, a law professor at the University of California-Los Angeles, wrote that it’s frustratingly unclear what the bounds might be on Congress.

Six teens in court in connection with beheading of French teacher
Headline Legal News | 2023/11/26 14:31
Six teenagers go on trial Monday in Paris for their alleged roles in the beheading of a teacher who showed caricatures of the prophet of Islam to his class, a killing that led authorities to reaffirm France’s cherished rights of expression and secularism.

Samuel Paty, a history and geography teacher, was killed on Oct. 16, 2020, near his school in a northwest Paris suburb by an 18-year-old of Chechen origin who had become radicalized. The attacker was in turn shot dead by police.

Paty’s name was disclosed on social media after a class debate on free expression during which he showed caricatures published by the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo, which triggered a newsroom massacre by extremists in January 2015.

All hearings at a Paris juvenile court are to be held behind closed doors in accordance with French law regarding minors. The defendants arrived Monday morning at the Paris court, their faces hidden behind masks and hoods, accompanied by their families. The media are not allowed to disclose their identity.

Among those going on trial, a teenage girl, who was 13 at the time, is accused of making false allegations for wrongly saying that Paty had asked Muslim students to raise their hands and leave the classroom before he showed the cartoons. She later told investigators she had lied. She was not in the classroom that day and Paty did not make such a request, the investigation has shown.

Five other students of Paty’s school, then 14 and 15, are facing charges of criminal conspiracy with the aim of preparing aggravated violence to be committed.

They are accused of having waited for Paty for several hours until he left the school and of having identified him to the killer in exchange for promises of payments of 300-350 euros ($348-$406).

Russian court fines Google for failing to store personal data on its users
Headline Legal News | 2023/11/16 08:50
A Moscow court on Tuesday fined Google for failing to store personal data on its Russian users, the latest in a series of fines on the U.S. tech giant amid tensions between the Kremlin and the West over the fighting in Ukraine.

A magistrate at Moscow’s Tagansky district court fined Google 15 million rubles (about $164,200) after the company repeatedly refused to store personal data on Russian citizens inside the country. Google was previously fined over the same charges in August 2021 and June 2022. The company declined to comment.

Google also was ordered to pay a 3 million ruble (about $32,800) fine in August for failing to delete allegedly false information about the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia can do little to collect the fine, however, as Google’s Russia business was effectively shut down last year after Moscow sent troops into Ukraine. The company has said it filed for bankruptcy in Russia after its bank account was seized by the authorities, leaving it unable to pay staff and suppliers.

Russian courts also have fined Apple and the Wikimedia Foundation, which hosts Wikipedia.

Since sending troops into Ukraine in February 2022, Russian authorities have taken measures to stifle any criticism of the military campaign.

Some critics have received severe punishments. Opposition figure Vladimir Kara-Murza was sentenced this year to 25 years in prison for treason stemming from speeches he made against Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Sasha Skochilenko, an artist and musician from St. Petersburg, is on trial on charges of spreading false information about the military for replacing supermarket price tags with protest slogans. Prosecutors have asked for an eight-year prison sentence for her.

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